T’is the season to be jolly! Another great year for the Linux community kicks off locally to me in the shape of LugRadio Live 2007

lrl2007The confirmed dates are 7th and 8th July 2007 in Wolverhampton, England. This is a great event which is well worth the visit, its not what you’d expect its almost like a mini Linux Expo some of the well know distributions have stands where you can meet some of those famous names you’ve heard or in some of the main rooms you’ll find larger gatherings where the good and the wise will give talks generally with a ‘question and answer’ section at the end.

PantsThere are stands selling all manner of Linux based merchandise from badges to complete systems. Also there are small group meetings where you can discuss your favourite apps, distributions or the cleanliness of your underpants!

I was lucky enough to be a crew member last year, which probably made it the best one ever. So dust of your “Linux Geek” tee shirt and get along to the event! Oh and them LugRadio podcast radio blokes are there too.

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