I muscled in on an IRC conversation the other day, I sort of understood the gist of what was being discussed but as I’m not very good at command line plus have absolutely no coding capabilities I seem to have discovered a skill I do have and that is the ability to draw what I’m proposing even if the picture looks like a two year old did it. The guys (and gals) were floating an idea for converting information/text from one language to another; this data would be drawn from the Internet, run through a sort of converter/translator then sent back out on the Internet to another blog but in a translated version. The old saying “A picture paints a thousand words” has never been truer in my case I proposed a daemon working on a folder that received the newsfeed doing some wizardry on the contents then sending it to the new blog.

transletPeople seemed to have trouble understanding what I was getting at so I said “Hang on I’ll draw a picture in crayon, that should give you an idea of what I mean”, its no Van Gough but I do think it worked well. This is the response I had to my contribution;

“The picture does accurately show what you can do with yahoo pipes or general internet mash-up type stuff, we were also talking about applying the interface to the shell e.g.
replacing: find ./ -iname “*.po*” | sed -e “/svn/d” | xargs grep “msgid” with a find box (with the option to search for a filename ignoring the case: -iname) that you could draw a line from to a sed box, that had the -e option as a checkbox for “expression” and then the option to delete lines from the result that matched the string “svn” and then pipe from that to a grep box with check boxes for  or other switches”

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