Open Source really rocks I’m slowly building a portfolio of customers who have retained my services for projects that are based on free software. Two years ago I would have been in the parade of ‘Jonahs’ prophesying the end of the software business world, today I’m merrily helping customers achieve professional solutions for over half the cost compared to the usual software sources.

I’m now on my twelfth Joomla web site for a customer and loving every minute of it, the beauty is you learn while you work with each new install I learn a new trick, tweak and embellishment that can be used on the next one. I remember a couple of years ago a friend of mine moaning at me that Mambo was pants (Joomla is an off-shoot from Mambo) how glad I am that I didn’t listen and stuck with it. I’ve even managed to turn my ‘Die Hard’ MS employers around and have even more R & D time looking at open source solutions that businesses can use now! Should look good on my CV, when the time comes.

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