Hi NoteI recently had an enquiry asking how to remove the Hard drive from a Digital HiNote Ultra II the guy had been tricked like I had and thought the HDD was sealed to the Dust Cover Plate, here is the guide I sent him maybe it will help you too?

  • Flip the Laptop over and undo the locking screw.
  • Slide back the locking lug.
  • Gently lift the plate, all that’s holding it is a plastic IDE connector.
  • You should now have the HDD and the dust cover plate free from the laptop.

(I’ll refer to it as the ‘cover plate’ from now on)

Now this is where mine might differ to yours as if I remember right I did away with the HDD-holding -late so this little bit might be wrong.

  • Undo the two screws holding the HDD to the cover plate on the same side as the white IDE connector and two imbus screws on the opposite side (If there are any).

Now the tricky bit.

  • Lift the drive off the ‘coverplate’ about 1mm is all you’ll get you need to lift it as there are two pins underneath sitting in the holes where you just removed the HDD screws from, thats why it won’t slide back and seems locked to the cover plate.
  • Where the IDE lead connector is joined to the HDD tight against the HDD casing [Not the cover plate] get your finger nail (or a thin knife, but be careful of the HDD pins) prise the IDE block gently off the drive The drive should now be free of the cover plate.
  • You’ll find two more screws underneath holding the HDD on the HDD plate undo those and remove the plate. Ta da!

I’m pleased to say this helped the other guy, I did away with the HDD plate on my machine as all the other drives I’ve used wouldn’t fit on the plate but once you put the HDD and cover plate together and put it back in the Laptop there’s minimal movement room so its not a problem.


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  1. Hi Pete,
    I was checking old emails, when I’ve found this procedure which has helped me to replace the harddrive in HiNote laptop 7 years ago. That damn old laptop still works with the “new” HDD thanks to you. THX again πŸ˜‰

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