My Beryl install has died or more honestly it’s not working it maybe Beryl itself or XGL. Beryl is a cool fork of the XGL/Compiz desktop eye candy. I started out with Compiz-quinn and used the installation instructions on the openSuSE site this worked flawlessly on my Nvidia Geforce ti 4800 graphics card and I had it up and running within about 30 minutes, later on when the Beryl project was born I installed that as well using it as my default, maybe I should have uninstalled some of the compiz bits such as compiz-manager but I’ve not read any warnings that both applications cannot live in the same environment or that they will cause conflicts.

Everything was working beautifully up until last Sunday when everything went tits up I couldn’t login and when I finally sorted that out and logged in I found that Beryl was up the spout. If I had been more knowledgeable I would have realised that the logging in issue is directly related to the Beryl / X issue hence the login failure this is because X couldn’t initiate the XGL/Compiz/Beryl desktop.
For me the best way to see what’s wrong is to start something from command line that way you should get a text output of what’s going on during the start-up process of an application in my case Beryl said that XGL was not installed which is cobblers. I’ve not done much further investigation or tried to fix it as I’m going to wipe the install in two to three weeks time when openSuSE 10.2 comes out.

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