I’ve have a number of RSS feed subscriptions one of which is the VM blog. This little nugget dropped in my inbox, while it was in relation to running a virtual machine on these Laptops (Which even after reading the blog I couldn’t really understand or see the point of) I had heard of these so call $100.00 laptops before the idea being that Computer Technology is more available to less fortunate country’s and individuals. The One Laptop per Child association (OLPC) is a Delaware based, non-profit organization set up to oversee The Children’s Machine project. I’m ashamed to admit that I want one even though they clearly aimed at children I think the design is really cool plus it runs Fedora.

The specifications are;

The Children’s Machine
Manufacturer Quanta Computers
Type Laptop
Connectivity 802.11b/g /s wireless LAN
3 USB 2.0 ports
Operating System Fedora Core-based
Camera built-in video camera (640×480; 30 FPS)
Media 512 MiB 1 GiB flash memory
Input Keyboard
Power NiMH battery pack
CPU AMD Geode GX500@1.0W + 5536
Memory 128 MiB DRAM
Display dual-mode 19.3 cm diagonal TFT LCD 1200×900

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