Having just read my mate Ade’s blog posting (I think I can call him mate?) I had a severe case of dejavou. He is absolutely correct about setting rules for yourself and sticking to them, over time I came to realise that applications that I’d normally just bang on my Windows box can be tried out in a safer environment prior to installing on that ultra vulnerable Windows box. I generally use VMWare for testing both Linux and Windows stuff for anything I’ve got off the Internet in my experience Windows apps that are ‘Free’ or from a dubious source generally come with more than you bargained for. So on Saturday I totally ignored my own rules and installed a finance package on my XP box, what was I thinking? I am now the proud owner of a keylogger malware that will take hours to kill. I’ve got all the normal so called protection SOPHOS Anti-Virus and SpySweeper but the little bugger slipped through the net. SpySweeper is letting me down in respect of cleaning it, I keep getting a warning message that its been detected and to update my definitions and do a full sweep all to no effect. The moral is don’t break your own rules! You made them for a reason.

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