I’ve decided to kill off a couple of things, firstly the trial Forum and my Digital HiNote Ultra II Laptop. The Forum had only been up a month and yet was being attacked left right and centre by On-Line gaming and Porn sites. I’m no expert on Forums or websites for that matter but what I find strange is there must have been ‘Humans’ posting to the Forum as you had to undergo a manual registration. I just don’t have the time to keep logging in, find the culprits IP and Email Domain, add a ban then delete and ban the offender and finally delete the offending post to the Forum.

I take my hat off to all Forum and mailing list Web Masters (Those that actually physically manage them that is) it’s a daily if not hourly task, interestingly my experience seemed that once one started they all started so I suppose they all have some sort of script to watch what the other is doing so they can follow them that’s probably paranoid but hey it’s how it looks to me.

So it’s good bye Digital HiNote Ultra II …..

I’ve written a few articles on this site about my trials and tribulations with this brilliant old bit of kit there’s no mechanical reason for its retirement but it sat for longer and longer gathering dust which was a crying shame so I’ve lovingly wrapped it in bubble wrap, boxed it and stored it.

In a few years time when we are all using some sort of living organic computing device my descendants can get it out and sit round and laugh at what Great Granddad used.

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