Introduction to Linux day

Saturday 11 November 2006 Doors open 1:30pm

New Cavendish Street campus of Westminster University.



This is in the shadow of the BT Tower, the nearest tube stations are Great Portland Street, Warren Street and Goodge Street. You will find a map at [ ] or via [ ]. Download the directions in PDF format.

NOTE: you will need to sign in at the front desk to gain access to the building. This event is FREE to members and non-members alike, if you want to join GLLUG, sign on to the gllug-announce mailing list, detailed on the Online page .

This event is an Introduction to Linux / Installfest event.

A new generation of students have started their studies in Londons Universities this year. Starting university is both a time of exposure to new concepts and ideas, and also a time to start using your computer for serious amounts of productivity and study.

If you are using a computer regularly in your studies (or for that matter at home or work) we think you should be aware of GNU/Linux. We hope that you are at least familiar with the name, but we would also like to give you a tour of the system and provide you with software to trail it on your own computer.

Introduction to Linux

The GLLUG Introduction to Linux day consists of rolling presentations during the afternoon on the following topics:

  • Linux and Productivity applications.
  • Creating word processing documents, spreadsheets and presentations with OpenOffice.
  • Using Evolution to manage your email, calendar, addressbook and tasklist.
  • Desktop Publishing with Scribus.
  • Linux and Multimedia applications.
  • Watching DVDs, Managing your music collection and integrating your mobile music player.
  • Ripping and burning Music CDs
  • Organising your photo collection and integrating digital cameras.

Using the Linux desktop

  • Use the 3D Linux desktop
  • Use the integrated search functions to organise your data
  • Communicate with friends using Instant Messenging
  • Using USB storage to transfer data

We will provide you with Linux software that you can trail at home and give you more information about GLLUG and getting started in the Linux community.


For existing members of the LUG (or for people that know they want to install Linux) we have an installfest. Experienced users will be on hand to assist you with installation problems and ISO images will be available if you want to try to install new Linux distributions.

For more information about the event please email the GLLUG Admin team

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