I’ve set up a forum to mess about with I doubt it will ever overflow with members but then again who knows? Little acorns etc.

Just in case it takes off I’m hosting it on my works server rather than my personal site if you want to have a look around just use either of the two “Forum” links on this site. I’ve never run one before and its only been live for a few hours so apologies if its tame, missing something or just plain rubbish.

So far it has 2 category’s;


  • System (For general system stuff like “How do I load a module?”).
  • Applications (This is for all those “What do you use for drop shadow?” type questions).


  • Laptop (I may get some success here with Digital HiNote users).
  • Server (For Server related issues).
  • Workstation (For Desktop PC users who don’t want or have a Server setup running).

I’m open to suggestions for more category’s and content so spread the word and help get the membership to grow.

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