At last I have a working Virtual Machine of Covide-5.3 its taken 14 attempts but yesterday afternoon I had a good feeling during the Debian-Sarge install/setup. Usually I have problems trying to install php5-pear php5-tidy & php5-pgsql

One of those three generally fails to install due to some obscure dependency not being available however on this occasion I chose the Server setup during the Debian install rather than the ‘Desktop’ once I’d rebooted I added the dotdeb repo as per instructions and started the covide install procedures that’s when I noticed that on this occasion there was no dependency failures so I stood a good chance of it working.

I’ve set up a forum to mess about with I doubt it will ever overflow with members but then again who knows? Little acorns etc. Having been bitten 13 times before I’ve learnt my lesson so got as far as just prior to downloading covide-5.3.tar.gz and stopped there. I then cloned the virtual machine so that I had a base to drop back to if it all went wrong then using the clone continued with the install/setup 10 minutes later browsed from my HOST machine using Firefox to the IP address of the virtual machine and Bingo! There was the login screen.

Now I have been here before you stick in your user name and password, hit the OK button and get a pg_select error! But not this time baby. Low and behold it logged in, unfortunately it’s in Dutch but at least I have a working system. My next step will be to fathom out how to upgrade to 6.1 unfortunately the README expects you to have a higher level of competence than I have at the moment. When I’ve figured it out I’ll do another post, re-write the install instructions so that numpties like me can do it then produce a vm machine for general consumption so check back regularly for progress reports and links for any downloads I’ll release.


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