I’ve been messing about with two open source projects and one Microsoft application. Covide This is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) package that from the screen shots looks very good the database can be either Mysql or Postgres however I followed the “30 Minute Install guide provided by the project but so far have not had any luck getting it to actually run. I don’t think it’s my fault as I have followed the instructions very carefully I think some vital bit of info is missing I did email the project but they never replied. KeepassX This is a password and information storage program similar to Revelation, Kwallet, Gorllia etc etc, I stumbled across the Windows version first which is the main aim of the project however there are versions for Mac and Linux these are ports of the project and so are run by sub groups.

I’ve been looking for a password manager replacement for Kwallet to run on my SuSE box for some time now and having failed to get Revelation to run on SuSE this looks like a possible alternative, the one thing I really like is you can run KeepassX from a USB pen drive the only constraint is you need a system that runs X. I have to admit that it is a little bit flakey (For me) the very first time I open it the Menu buttons work but once clicked they refuse to do anything after that, so far I can get around it by closing it and opening it again which is not good however the database itself is still viewable and usable so in my view it works. Maybe the ‘Hard Install’ is more stable seeing as I’m running it from my USB drive that’s maybe where the problem is?

Business Contact Manager
One of my Customers asked me for MS Contact Manager, I wasn’t sure what they actually wanted I thought that they may have been talking about Microsoft’s CRM application. I had a quick look on the Office site and saw Business Contact Manager which is ‘FREE’ for registered MS Outlook 2003 users, “Wow there’s a first”, I have to say I’m very impressed it bolts on to your Outlook 2003 you need to initially manually add your contacts but ‘Drag and Drop’ is your friend.

It feels a bit like SugarCRM by the way contacts and accounts are linked but the beauty is you can link all the mails to the accounts so that you have a record within the contact details of mails sent and received. There’s the ability to add notes and sales plus it will link into your accounts package. I have to say this is a bit of winner for MS as in my opinion it should meet most SME’s (Small to Medium Enterprises) needs in respect of a Customer database.

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