I read some thoughts posted on someone’s blog (WolvesLUG, LugRadio?) which set out three types of Linux enthusiast it went something along the lines of I’m defiantly a User I find configuring things a pain in the bum unless there is some sort of hand holding walk through I really get the hump. The old saying of “You can do anything if you put your mind to it” is definitely true but it seems to take me hours to do things others do in minutes.

After LugRadio Live and having been converted by Father Ted (Ted Haeger-Novell) I set about getting XGL working on my SuSE box, now don’t get me wrong, its 97% working I get the cube, I can flip it, I can drag it round but it won’t stop so that two sides are showing. I can zoom, do the flatten thingy but I can’t get the water or the rain. I’ve had a look on the OpenSuse/xgl site, looked at some forums but most posts and FAQ’s relate to totally non working setups not glitches like mine.

The same can be said for Xen again the Novell guys persuaded me to look again at this, now that also seems to be 97% working I have the entry in Grub I can boot into it but X will not start? Now it maybe that I’m doing something wrong as I read a HowTo on the site which walked you through setting up an XP install, I started following it then thought “Hang on this is not what Erin Quill (Novell) showed me he was in Yast with some sort of VM control panel?” its these sorts of problems that keep me in the user bracket I’d love to have the skills that some of my co-conspirators in Wolves-LUG have but I fear my user status will not change for a long time.

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