This has not been a good month for me so far, to be honest I feel a bit like King Canute trying to hold back the relentless sea. The toilet decided to have a nervous breakdown and stop flushing unmentionables away. Fortunately I’ve fixed these before so a quick trip to B&Q and two wet hands later its fixed. Then the shower head decides it no longer likes the holder now this is always fun you can never get a holder to match the shower head (at least I cant) I always have to buy a new head and holder so back to B&Q. Next my daughter needs her straighteners fixing there was a break in the cable  so stripped it all back and made new connections  and that’s another fix done.

Like a fool I agreed to look at an Intranet Server for an ex colleague pretty much everything I’ve done to this box I’ve done many times before yet every time I touch it things get worse and worse I wished I’d never laid eyes on it. Apache is working fine, people tell me ‘Rails’ is working I’ve had some ‘Ruby’ commands demonstrated so supposedly that’s working will it show the Intranet site? will it heck as like stick a simple index.html file in with “hello world” and Apache happily displays it. I’ve decided I don’t like Ruby Rails. It gets worse….

Actually not at this point although we did drive to Wolverhampton for LugRadio Live 2006, found out it was £10.00 to park, drove back home and caught the bus back to Wolverhampton. The show was fantastic I helped out and was sporting a lovely yellow ‘crew ‘ member tee shirt all day Saturday. I spent ages talking to the guys on the Novell-SuSE stand who demonstrated XGL wow its awesome now I do have an Nvidia 3D graphics card at home so Sunday morning I merrily ripped my SuSE box apart and installed the Nvidia card. I’d tried this before but SuSE 10.0 didn’t seem to like it anyway I have version 10.1 now.

Fired up sax2 and installed the Nvidia drivers and it solved umpteen problems especially some display issues I had while booting. Anyway after some installing and editing I now have XGL working on my box at home and I must say I’m very impressed. Power Supply Sunday afternoon the computer died!! I put it down to overheating (We are currently experiencing 30 Celscius) so waited a couple of hours to let it cool down then tried to start it, no joy, “Ah the fuse must have blown” changed that plugged it in BANG! “Oh my god don’t tell me I’ve blown the motherboard?”. Fortunately it was the power supply its all back and working so now I’m waiting for the next bit of grief.

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