ClosedKeeping up with things seems to be getting harder and harder, after my laptop hard drive problems I was sort of out of the loop for a couple of weeks true there are other machines available to me but it’s the worn out jumper syndrome nothing is more comfortable than the devil you know. I had some spare time so decided to catch up on various sites and do some system house keeping that’s when I started to feel left behind.

iFolder seems to have ground to a halt? I tried to update my CentOS/iFolder server but got loads of errors from ‘yum’ I then tried to re-install the iFolder-Client on my FC5 Laptop using my own instructions on the iFolder wiki, that failed too, I had a trawl round to check out any possible changes that I may have missed but to the best of my knowledge none of the repos have changed and the information remains the same.

I tried accessing the stable clients and server repos via http but got access denied so I suppose they have been closed for some reason. I know Calvin has left but I thought the reins had been taken up by other team members? The mailing list is a bit like the Marie Celeste anyway so I’ve not bothered mailing anyone. It’s a pity as the set up at the office works really well. Some of the iFolder guys are coming to LugRadio looks like I’ll be doing some ear bending. Next I popped across to the Wolves-LUG website to check out some of the blogs. Whoa! What’s all this then? The Lug Members page has changed where’s all the hatcha gotchas gone? Is nothing sacred? Our site is minimalist enough if its cut down anymore it’ll be a single page with one paragraph of text!

Most of the crew seem to be giving their sites make overs which may explain the lack of activity on our mailing list although over the last couple of days things have started to pick up again, where’s everyone gone? Membership was rising but some people have stopped posting which is a real shame.

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