While I have already decided to wait a good three or four months before trying it or even waiting for 10.2 I figured the live eval disc would supposedly let me see if anything was new. Now my main machine is pretty good by anyone’s standards its a true Pentium P4 3.0GHz with 1GB of memory two 300GB hard drives, DVDRW and just a rubbish on-board graphics. Full of trepidation I plonked the DVD in the drive and sat with bated breath while the boot process started, I got to what I assume is the grub loader stage pretty quick and was impressed with the array of choices including either a KDE or Gnome boot I selected Gnome and………

suse waitI waited and waited and waited, fifteen minutes later the desktop groaned and crawled into view. The menus behaved very sluggish but I battled on to see if there was anything worthwhile in me putting the time in to fix my stable 10.0 installation after it gets broken and trampled on by 10.1

I have to say I personally couldn’t see anything that made me salivate OK so the desktop has been jazzed up a bit but nothing that’s gonna make me jealous and I’m not very interested in the Xgl cubed desktop. How Linux Magazine can print the glowing revue they have is beyond me, what with the gloom and doom I’ve read and poor performance with the live eval disc its yet another nail in the coffin for SuSE 10.1 as far as I’m concerned, I wonder if its possible to recall a give away Linux distribution?

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