Shane Coughlan a fellow of FSFE (Free Software Federation Europe) posted some info on the Wolves-LUG about an Open Source project he is associated with for a mobile mail client that can be used while travelling from location to location called MobilityEmail The Idea is a portable email client that can run from either a USB pen drive or from your computer hard drive, for me the benefit is I can take and access my mail from pretty much anywhere that has Internet access. True you can access mail from a browser if your ISP provides some sort of webmail frontend but if like me you have multiple accounts who wants to browse all over the place checking all those accounts for that all important mail? when one client that draws all mail down into one location is far more convenient.

I did slightly misunderstand and thought it would work on any operating system however if you want to run it from a Linux box you’ll have to use ‘Wine’. With Mobility Email loaded on a 2GB USB pen drive I tested it out on my IBM X20 running Ubuntu Dapper, Mobility ran a bit sluggish but that may be due to hardware and wine rather than mobility. On my Windows XP and 2000 boxes it runs very well, I would have prefered a cross platform plug-and-go solution and I suppose I could write a small wine/mobility exe script but all in all its a pretty cool solution. Check out the project at; You can download it from here;

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