I was lucky enough to get to the Wolves-LUG meeting last week the usual crew was in attendance with one or two new faces I’d not seen before. As usual I was stuck up one end of the table but still had some very good conversations regarding Windows and Linux in respect of usability.

At the end of the evening I had one of the longest chats I’ve ever had with the ‘Chin’ AKA Jono Bacon its a shame I don’t get to speak with him face to face more often.

During our ching-wag Jono mentioned that Ubuntu Dapper was really slick and that I should really give it a try.I spent this morning installing Breezy under VMWare then followed some instructions I found for ‘dist-upgrade’ on the web and upgraded, it was very easy and only took about 2 hours.

vmware logo I then found some cool instruction on installing vmware-tools. My version is Windows based so I then rebooted into SuSE (I have VMPlayer installed there) copied over the virtual machine to my SuSE /home directory and fired up Ubuntu-Dapper.

Every time I look at Ubuntu I like it more and more its hard to explain but it just looks and feels rock solid every time my belovid Fedora starts I get this unexplained feeling something is on the verge of crashing (It dose’nt by the way) Ubuntu just, well, starts! I really like the Bongo drums when it gets to the log-in screen and the desktop startup music is pretty slick.

Its probably good that I don’t have a spare machine to load it properly on (Sorry VM Embarassed) as it could end up being my main system. Hats off to the Ubuntu guys it is a good distro just stop screaming Uuuuubbbbbuuuunnnnttttttttuuuu down the phone it makes me cringe.

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