IfolderI managed to get the client working on my SuSE box at home last night there wasn’t a problem as such like most issues with Linux you just need to have a methodical outlook. I started the client from a terminal and as before got the failure output I then checked the installations of what it was crying about. Such as gnome-sharp, glib-sharp and a couple of others. I just installed each one that was missing and tried again to start the client, finally it burst into life. I need to sort out the connection to the server which possibly entails allowing access through the firewall. I can now access the iFolder-Server from a web browser so I’m about 99.9% there. Once it is up and working the big test for me will be syncing the images folder this currently stands at 9.82MB I want to see how long it takes to drag that information over to my SuSE box. Once done it should then just be that the client does quick checks between the Server and itself to find out what’s new.

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