IfolderI finally managed to get the iFolder client installed on my Fedora 5 Laptop I must have been doing something wrong, this morning I did # yum search iFolder having already added the location in yum.repos.d https://forgeftp.novell.com/ifolder/client/3.4/current/linux/FEDORA-CORE-5.0-i386/rpms/ the search came back with the relevant rpms, well why wouldn’t it that’s all that’s in the folder!

Anyway, I duly issued the command # yum install iFolder and hey presto yum happily installed. I think I know what I did wrong, originally when I tried to install directly via # rpm -Uhv I was trying to install all the rpms in the folder and all that was needed was iFolder3, log4net and simias. There was a nice entry on my menu list clicked on that and there was a list of available folders. I have to say the Linux interface is 100 times nicer than the Windows one. I did some messing about on the master folder held on my Windows machine then added myself as a user for the shared-images folder (Windows) and the interface on Fedora popped up and invite to the folder. I added that to my /home/documents from the iFolders interface (Just a simple click and browse actually) and then it synced with the Master folder on my Windows machine. So now I have it working, cross platform, internally. On Monday, hopefully we, yes me and the internet Guru, will be looking at getting the remote bit working. I’m pretty chuffed with myself as I’ve got everything working by myself and one or two readme files.

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