I’ve been messing about trying to get different Distro’s on the Digital HiNote Ultra II with varying levels of success. A friend of mine (Kevan) suggested DSL (Dam Small Linux) this looked like a good prospect as it runs in the memory but can be installed to the hard drive. I’m fairly sure it will run on as little as 16MB although the recommended is 128MB.

You also need to create a single boot floppy stick that in, switch on, and at the boot prompt press enter. If your lucky it will find the KNOPPIX folder and boot into RAM. I’m using fluxbox with 800X600 24 bit this was really nice if a little slow, well what do you expect with a P75 200, 40MB. I did create a rather large swap (900MB) but I don’t think it made much of a difference After playing with it for a bit I decided I liked it and wanted to install DSL to the hard drive, that’s when I hit the first snag. You need just over double the memory being used as it needs to load the image into memory so that it can install that on the hard drive partition you select. Seeing as I was already using 30 odd meg of memory this was a problem. I had no choice but to do the old Use another machine method, luckily I have access to another Laptop so I plonked the HDD in (This machine has a CDROM by the way) shoved in the disc fired up and installed to HDD. Put the HDD back in the Digital HiNote, crossed my fingers and switched on. Hooray! Not only did it boot OK but detected the PCMCIA card, I messed about with some settings so that the same desktop starts each time. Installed Synaptic set up the mail client and did one or two test mails. I have to say it’s a great little Distro it doesn’t seem to like the track ball mouse so for the minute I’m still using an external PS2 one but I like the see through panels which I don’t use on any of my other machines but looks the business on this old piece of kit. All in all it was pretty painless I wonder how long it will stay on before I find something else I want to see working on the Digital?

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