I’ve been pretty anti Ubuntu that’s not because of it in itself more for the fact that it seemed it was being adopted more for who was using it than any specific benefits it had to offer. I decided to install the latest offering just in case I was cutting off my nose to spite my face. I didn’t have any spare machines so took the next best step and installed it under VMWare, I used the install CD which is only 600 odd meg, what a surprise! and what a lot of humble pie I need to eat.

The installation was very simple and immediately recognisable to anyone who has installed Debian based stuff no GUI like Red Hat but a very simple, coloured text based installer. I waited with baited breath for the re-boot and there it was, very nice startup music and a brown desktop. I have to say I’m not that keen on the background image or default colour scheme, it reminded me of pooh but its very easy to change that. I particularly liked the update manager simple instructions with no distracting text. Ubuntu only wanted to install 77 updates with my install which is a marked improvement on many other flavours currently out there.

Hats off to the project this is a sure winner and ideal for Windows converts, I used to extol Mandriva as the ideal choice for people new to Linux but I definitely will be pointing them in this direction. I’m not keen on the off-shoots currently available mainly because IMHO the energy spent on those ventures would be better spent contributing to the original however, each to his own. I installed a couple of applications via the Add/Remove feature and Bam! another neat trick I wanted a Contact Manager package, I thought it was a bit strange that it was listed but looked grayed out. Ubuntu kindly informed me it was not available in the current repository I was using but that it should be available in the world repository and would I like to add that repository? Of course I would so I clicked yes and Ubuntu dutifully added the repo, refreshed the the cache and promptly gave me my original choice to select again.

Now that is really cool! 🙂

I’m used to having to manually add a new repository then doing something like yum update then yum install which is OK but a bit long winded. I nearly made the fatal mistake of trying to install an RPM (VMtools) but then remembered this uses .deb packages I don’t really want to get too involved with Ubuntu as I’m a SuSE & Fedora die hard fan but I have to admit this flavour of Linux is very very appealing, looks like I may have a week or two of sole searching to do.

I spent Saturday morning getting VMPlayer working on my SuSE 10 box, copied the virtual-Ubuntu over from my Windows drive and “Hey presto” Ubuntu running on my SuSE box. This was good for me as it gave me an incentive to get VMPlayer working and allowed me to test it out with a virtual machine I’d already created. If I keep this up I’ll be screaming “Ubuntuuuuuuuuuu” down the phone! and most of my friends on the Wolves-LUG will be giving me loads of stick.

Oh well. Check out my next post Ubuntu-Lite.

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