I have been wanting to get iFolders installed for some time now this is a solution for folder sharing both internally and externally by Novell. My problem has been that I wanted to test the remote connectivity as well as the local capabilities so I needed a Web Server to test it on.I have access, and control, of a CentOS Web Server but up until a few days ago there wasn’t any specific rpm’s for that distribution.

I followed the yum.repo instructions and installed via yum, unfortunately its predominately Windows machines at work so I installed the Windows Clients on a couple of machines and within minutes it was up and working. I’m having one or two problems getting the client loaded on my SuSE box at home but once a client is installed there I shall be testing the remote connection. I have it set to sync every 5 minutes at the moment I dropped a rather large collection of folders with images in to one of the iFolder shares and it. immediately detected it, uploaded, then distributed the share to the other client.

Pretty slick, when I’ve had a bit more play with it I’ll up date this subject further.

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