I have been running Arkeia backup software on my SuSE 10 for a while now. It works very well with the HP DAT drive I have, Arkeria support Open Source so let you install and use it so long as you do not exceed 50GB of data which for most of us is more than enough. I have two very simple backup strategy’s one full, all the important folders on my SuSE box and one home backup which just backs up the users /home directory’s.

I did use my Hard Drives for backing up, while thats quick and convenient for restoring stuff its a bit dangerous as hard drive failures these days are more common than you’d think. I was using an rsync script which gave a carbon copy on another drive but then started playing with compression of the rsync’d data. I realised that I was just making things difficult/complicated when a simple tape solution was all that was needed.

I’ve lost count of the amount of times I have spoken to people crying that they have lost some important bit of information if only they took 5 minutes out of the day to backup their data.

Remember, backups can save you hours in the long run.

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