From my experience a good 90% of posts to mailing lists relate to ‘operating system’ problems and those are generally hardware related. I see very few I’ve got a report to write and need to put a graph in showing production rates. Everyone in the Linux community wants a bigger take up by business’s yet seem to miss the point that its the applications that matter, MR Big wants Sage Accounts or at least a carbon copy he wants to, in effect, run Windows applications not because they are the best but because he knows them, his staff know them and that’s what makes his business work.

Scott M. Morris is running a survey on for people to vote on the application they would most like to see ported to Linux, with this in mind I voted for ACT, this is a CRM (Contact Relationship Management) package now owned by Sage. I use this every day at work and have wanted to be able to run it under Linux for two years now, it would seem I am not alone it has come tenth so far with Quickbooks at number 1.

This led me to look again at CrossOver Office true it is proprietary software but seems to be the best course, at the moment, if you’re desperate to get that Windows application running on that Linux box and at around £22.00 its a trifle to pay for something that works. ACT will run although its not 100% supported

ACT6I’m running version 6 it was installed today so there has not been a lot of time to get data imported and really give it a test drive but it looks really good and seems to run OK I did have a quick look at the issues section and only found one fault posted reporting a problem with ‘Groups’ however that related to version 3 and seeing as this is 5.0.1 I think that may have been fixed.

I had to install IE6 but that’s supported anyway and I also put iTunes on as well all in all a very good day.

Here is a screenshot of my installation on my SuSE 10 machine: Actually doing something with Linux

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