Kumula desktop This just proves that RSS works, I had a notification of this CRM package in my inbox and decided to take a look. Kumula can be found on the KDE-APPS Web Site, it has a very good installation guide.

If only I had followed the instructions more closely, after the help from the guys on Wolves-LUG I moved on to the next error it turned out that PyQt wasn’t installed (Thanks to the KDE team for pointing that one out)  I was convinced it was, as I had checked it off on the list of required apps. Then the final problem the GUI configurator started up but would not connect to the database I kept getting QMYSQL3 Driver not loaded. I did a bit of googling and reading between the lines it was an additional module that maybe I hadn’t installed. I wasn’t too sure exactly which one I needed but qt-mysql looked a good bet a quick yum install qt-mysql and everything appears to be working.

I’ve only had a small play creating one Company and a Contact so it wouldn’t be fair to make any criticism yet although my own personal first moan is that no exe links are created at the installation process you need to create them manually which is a bit of a pain. I tried to make a Fiscal account but kept getting a ‘Date Format’ error but that may be in a README somewhere. So far from what I’ve seen it looks pretty good I’ll do another news item when I’ve had a better play.

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