I listened to LugRadio last night, I was a bit behind so had to catch up on three episodes. They had a discussion entitled The World has a Memory which was about the fact that everything that’s posted to the web be it on a blog or a forum or even just you’re Web Site then it will be archived. The conversation hinged on the fact that potential employers can now Google the web to see if you have or had ever posted anything and possibly something that may preclude you being employed by that potential employer. Also the fact that something you may write in the high spirit of youth may come back when you are older and bite you in the bum.

This reminded me of a story I tell people now and again, there was a temp worker signed to a recruitment company, the Consultants thought it highly hysterical to give him the worst assignments possible. I.e. poor working conditions, rubbish hours etc. The temp worker took it all on the chin and went on to become the head of human resources for one of the major customers of the recruitment agency. Suffice to say a new agency had the contract within a few days. I suppose the moral of the story is be careful who you burn people have a long memory too!

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