So last night I sneaked an hour or so in while the missus watched Coronation Street and East Enders. I installed Dreamweaver8 and the Mambo-Standalone-Server on my Windows XP drive, yes I know Windows XP! funnily enough one of the lads on Wolves-LUG made the same point but most of the tutorials and apps are Windows things.

There is a project to create a template builder for NVU which would be great but the guy running it has not posted anything at all yet which is a shame as I would have liked to do everything from Linux (Or at least from my Suse box).

Anyway I installed Dreamweaver, as you would expect it was a breeze, then installed Dreamweaver Mambo Template again very smooth and easy next I installed WinRar so that I could extract and install Mambo Standalone Server I twigged that the msas (Mambo Stand Alone Server) runs in the folder as a virtual machine so I moved msas into the programs directory and made a link on my menu bar.

I’m very used to MS Frontpage but have always thought Dreamweaver was hard to use, not any more, they’ve overhauled the look and feel which makes it much easier to use.

Having downloaded a Tutorial Off I went. Wow the guy who wrote must have known he was dealing with Muppets like me it was very easy to follow, I ran out of time (He does say you need a couple of hours first time around) but have nearly created the bare bones of my first template. I cant wait to start sticking some graphics in and changing the layout to the way I like it. I’m hoping you can do away with the top navigation section and just have a straight menu driven one its more than likely possible but I don’t know how to do it yet. As soon as I have made a template that’s not too embarrassing I’ll show it off here so watch this space.

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