SuSEWell what a week! Having got my hands on the latest Suse 10.0 I decided to upgrade the Web server at work hosting the Joomla site, Big mistake! Of course I followed all the “Best Practice” recommendations didn’t I? backed everything up? tried it out on a test machine? course I didn’t I just upgraded the lot and hey presto the Joomla site was shagged. Having said that it was a blessing in disguise I was never happy with the machine I don’t think it was anything to do with Suse but it ran like a dog, the internal network refused to communicate so I had to keep running up and down stairs all the time, if the machine was rebooted the network cards went to sleep so Yast had to be run to wake them up, and so on.

That’s the trouble with our place there’s plenty of parts hanging around to knock a PC together but who knows if those parts are any good? so into the stock room and grabbed a lovely Fujitsu Scenic P4 machine whipped out my copy of CentOS and hit the power button. I love Red Hat don’t ask me why maybe it’s because it was the first Linux distro I played with. When Red Hat changed its business I was left with a choice stay with RH9 which eventually would become unsupported or look for something else. I used White Box Linux for a while but soon changed to Fedora, I’ve played with RHEL4 it was a freebie download but with yum disabled so the only way (at that time) I could update it was to use ‘apt’ seeing as I already use Fedora I couldn’t see the point in keeping the RHEL4 then CentOS came and I was really tempted to ditch Fedora.

Anyway back to the story, having parted with some penny’s a little while back I had a copy of CentOS from the Linux Format magazine so that’s what’s now on the Fujitsu Scenic, Stupid as it sounds all I could think while it was installing was “That’s better” I can now ssh into the box which saves running up and down stairs and I’m slowly putting the site back together. I only have one problem left with the Gallery2 not being accessible directly but I think I know what’s wrong.

As for the content I’m slowly, manually putting it back. Still at the end of the day its all good learning stuff from Linux through to Joomla you learn more from breakages than reading a book.

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