Mashup EP 3

This will be my second dip into ‘Mashup‘ and the third episode of Tim Dobson’s podcast. I still think the ‘Mashup’ section of the website is over fussy, personally I would turn off the modules on that page, given that the site is Drupal its easy enough and would make that section a lot cleaner and easier to digest. “Remember Less is More when it comes to websites”

Another niggle is that there is no Podcast feed just the sites RSS, I would think its crippling Tim’s exposure to potential listeners I did want to add him to my iTunes (Bite me) rather than keep manually downloading but it was not to be I’m sure others would add it to Gpodder ect maybe Tim could email RatholeRadio and ask Dan Lynch how to set it up. Given that Dan’s site/s are Drupal he is bound to know plus there is modules available on the Drupal website.

Breaking the rules of  ‘One piece of positive for every two pieces of negative‘ my third moan is the shows name, while it is descriptive of what Tim is doing I think its likely to get drowned out by the plethora of other mashups out there. I was listening to Linux Outlaws last week when Fab said “Has done a mashup” and I thought he was talking about Tim’s show when in fact it was some video footage, maybe it needs a name of its own how about Dobson’s Choice?

First up was a pretty good track Otra Dimensión by Atómica a Peruvian band billed as Rock, Punk and Powerpop it was a lively up tempo song with an Ooh-e-ooh chorus this definitely had me foot tapping. Next up was a Jazz funk track P-F-M by FOXAPET seemed a bit of strange choice of second track after the previous Rock offering, it wasn’t awful but a classic 1970’s feel to it which seemed out of place for me.

Tim’s next offering and third track of the show was Inertia by Josh Woodward an acoustic indie track that was built on telling us  “I don’t wanna be in” such and such a city and the reasons why, I liked this one a lot so added it to my Jamendo favorites. This week must be Interview Week for podcasts as Tim, obviously chuffed, announced the first of his interviews with the drummer Eoghan from The Fayre a band based in Manchester Tim seemed to handle it OK maybe he could have asked a few more questions but over all it seemed to go well he rounded off that segment with Rose Queen by The Fayre I’m not sure how to describe this one it was rockabilly’ish I thought with stops and starts and musical style changes, not really my cup of tea to be honest.

The second interview was with Barham the bassist from The Fayre I felt a little bit cheated as while its true he spoke to two different people it was just the one band so really could have been billed as a single interview. I don’t know if the two VOIP calls was made on separate occasions or the interviewees was in separate locations but I’m sure Tim would have been forgiven for an ‘artistic slight of hand’ if he had edited the two together and made one interview.

Moving on we had Graceland (crazy town) by darkmoon project billed on Jamendo as instrumental pop I would have said it was more rock than pop, the lead singer reminded me of ‘Fish’ from Marillion pretty good track that I enjoyed to be honest. We then had some stuff about the Digital Rights Bill that Peter Mandleson is promoting and I am getting sick of hearing about as it will go through anyway having already been approved by the house of Lords. We got back into the music with Only Idiots Assume by Liam Mullone and Hils Barker a punk group who have written a protest song to the Digital Rights Bill the performers it appears are in fact comedians rather than singers but I thought it was a really good song.

The final track was Overjoy Dub by PistONE an electro dub reggae instrumental track that had me foot tapping. Over all it was a pretty good episode and as you would expect it seems to be getting better, I’m not sure if Tim writes a script for the show or just does his commentary from the hip I would say a little work in this area needs to be done as he seemed to fall apart slightly towards the end having said that I do like some of the shows choices so I shall be listening again, who knows maybe from a proper podacst feed?

Mashup or half baked potato?

I was bushwhacked by @tdobson on having read my review of RatholeRadio he was keen to get me to give my thoughts and opinions on his podacst now I’ve not listened to this show and fortunately there has only been two releases so far which means it shouldn’t be too hard a task for me.

My first impression of the Mashup section was “well what’s it all about then?” I proceeded to paw over the site like some latter day Sherlock Holmes or Witch finder general whichever takes your fancy. But wait what is the ‘Mashup‘ all about? Hidden away in the credits of episode one (Which is at the bottom of the page) its says “I mention how this show is inspired and encouraged by Dan Lynch’s Rathole Radio.” Aha! OK so its inspired by RatholeRadio but what’s the aim? What’s the purpose? Clearly I needed to listen to the show to get to the bottom of what was going on.

Mashup! – Episode One
The first track was Funky Jackson Medley performed by Groovy Revolution which was basically a melody of songs ranging from Play That Funky Music (White boy) to Michael Jackson’s Black or White to be fair I actually enjoyed it although personally I’d have preferred just to hear Play that funky music on its own. Next up was Werewolves! by Akira the Don now I really liked this one nice piano banging tune, OK i doubt they’ll get signed up by Sony but I did enjoy it “Ahooooooo werewolves of London”.

Moving on we was treated to Addicted by  Red light Rippers pretty so so in my opinion classic pub rocker type music which hundreds of bands up an down the UK knock out most Saturday nights then OMG! this song burst out of my headphones Forever to last by Atomic Cat off came the shirt out came the glow sticks and I danced through ASDA washing up liquid soap bubbles spirited away from all my cares and woes, awesome!

Next came a track Citadel by Celestial Aeon Project a haunting flute orientated track the sort of thing you find on one of those ‘Moods’ CD’s in the bargain bucket at the filling station. We then had a slight interlude of news, of sorts, which is a nice idea rather than listening to back to back tracks we then had a semi political song Dear Mandy [an open letter to Lord Mandelson] by Dan Bull and next was Paranoid Big Brother by 3 Daft Monkeys they reminded me in parts of Jethro Tull a pretty good song and I reckon the advice of “Go see em live they’re (bleep) awesome” is probably true.

Finally we had Code Monkey by Jonathan Coulton a guitar based song that perhaps should be the theme song for some of my Linux friends, but then wait, what’s happened? Has the tape run out? Have I hit pause by mistake? The podcast came to an abrupt end! No “Well thanks people its been emotional”, “Join us next week when we will be giving away free money”, “Email the show at” nope it just ended.

Maybe I’m being a bit harsh after all it was the first podcast, overall I was pretty impressed certainly from what I heard there was a different emphasis on musical style to RatholeRadio but then again this is not about comparing two shows. I’m still unsure as to what Marked difference it brings, maybe the presenter needs to carve out a niche following possibly only playing live bands a sort of radio show for all those poor bands living out the back of transit vans spending weekends driving up and down motorways to flea pit venues for £10 and all the beer they can drink.

Overall I liked it maybe I’ll drop by now and again just to see how things are moving along.