N810 Updating hell

I wanted to update my Nokia N810 at home this weekend dunno why I suppose its one of those things you just do. Anyway I plugged in the USB cable pressed the swap button and powered on, up came the little USB logo which should me you’re good to go.

On to the PC and started the Nokia update software, “Cannot find device” huh? Unplug the USB cable and the Nokia’s Maemo software boots now here’s the interesting bit plug the cable back in and the PC see’s it?

N810I must have tried six or seven times but gave up so I brought all the cables and stuff to work, downloaded the updater software, installed on my works PC plugged in the cable pressed the swap key and the power key. USB logo, start the updater software… Bingo! Worked first time so what’s all that about then?

The only thing I can think is that something on my machine at home is blocking the N810 the only downside now is I have to re-install all the applications that the update nukes! Of course I had a backup but that’s just for settings ect I don’t believe it backs up the actual applications.

All in all was it worth it? Probably not!

iGo Stowaway Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard

I’ve just purchased this super cool fold away keyboard for my Nokia N810 and 6300 mobile phone.igo keyboard I couldn’t figure out how to pair it with the N810, while the instruction booklet that came with the keyboard was pretty good it was missing these vital instructions.

Connect igo keyboard to N810

  1. Go to Control Panel on the N800 Click ‘Hardware Keyboard’ (OS 2007) or ‘Bluetooth keyboard’ (OS 2008)
  2. Select ‘Generic 105-key PC’
  3. In control panel click ‘Bluetooth’ (can click Pair if using OS 2008) Make sure ‘Bluetooth’ is checked and ‘Visible’ is Checked
  4. Click on Button ‘Devices’
  5. Click on Button ‘New’
  6. On the Igo keyboard
  7. hold down the left CNTRL KEY, the BLUE fn key and the GREEN fn key at the same time. A GREEN LED above the T key will begin to flash. Nokia
  8. N800 will display ‘Think Outside Keyboard’
  9. Highlight the ‘Think Outside Keyboard’ Click ‘OK’
  10. ‘Pair with Device’ dialogue will appear. Note the Passcode number.
  11. Click button ‘OK’
  12. While holding down the BLUE Fn key (to enter numeric’s) type the
  13. passcode as you noted in step 14. Then hit enter.

Hey Presto you now have a full size keyboard for your N810, as yet I cant get my Nokia 6300 mobile phone to work with it yet the keyboard has paired but I believe I need to get a driver installed unfortunately the CD that came with the keyboard refuses to install and the website http://www.mobilityelectronics.com/support/Drivers.asp?ManufacturerID=23 is broken or something’s wrong as supposedly it auto detects the device you browse to the site with and installs the driver, as yet it fails miserably for my phone.