When it comes to Christmas I turn into a monumental hypocrite. I have no religious beliefs, hell I refuse to even believe in ghosts simply because how can you believe in some form of afterlife and then say “I don’t believe in God!” So I like Christmas.

I like carols, I shouldn’t really but I do. I fall for that snowing image of people holding lanterns and singing ♫ ♪ “Silent night, holy night….” ♪ ♫ from my TV screen. To me these songs are just singing and as Nicolas Cage said in Captain Corelli’s mandolin “There is singing at births, there is singing at funerals, there is singing at weddings, there is singing as men march into war, there is singing at most occasions worthwhile. I have always found something in life worth singing about.” so I reconcile myself with the excuse that it’s just singing. So I like Christmas.

I like presents, who doesn’t? OK it’s all commercialised now, your offspring are not going to be happy with an Airfix model or dolls house “We’re do I plug my Dr Beats in then?” but it does make people happy for a couple of hours and for me it’s a kind of ending for the year, a sort of “We made through that one, here have a prezzie to celebrate.” So I like Christmas.

I certainly don’t see it as Jesus’s birthday or some kind of religious event. I used to, I even used to go to midnight mass but then one day I woke up and gave up all that “There must be something more than this?” insecurity but I see no harm in celebrating Christmas there’s also no harm in giving yourself a day off and joining in something you don’t believe in which ultimately means: So you like Christmas then?

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