Child Porn Filter

First they censored porn sites, and I did not speak out because my partner fulfilled all my sexual needs.

Then they censored torrent sites, and I did not speak out as I buy all my films from Amazon.

Then they censored foreign news sites, and I did not speak out as I only watch the BBC news.

Then they censored my Internet connection, and I could no longer speak out.

— Wall of sheep.

Fedora Install instructions for Pumpa

As root: yum install qt4-qmake libqt4-dev libqjson-dev gcc-c++ qt-devel qt-config qjson-devel

As normal user: git clone git://
As normal user: cd pumpa
As normal user: qmake-qt4
As normal user: make
As normal user: ./pumpa

This will launch the app, enter your details e.g. and press “Next” this will display a screen (and launch your browser to the service you’re on) which will automagically fill in the identifier for you you will need to go to your browser, hit “Authorize” and copy the verification code which you then stick in the “Verify field on the Pumpa client. Hit “Next” and wait a few sec’s for it to draw down your info. Hey Presto you’re good to go.

 If you are on Gnome and you don’t want to keep starting Pumpa from CLI (Command Line Interface) you might like to create a custom launcher. There is a way, supposedly, using gnome-tweak-tool but this way is dead easy. In a terminal as a normal user do: gnome-desktop-item-edit –create-new `pwd`

This will open the custom launcher interface. Give it a name, click the browse button and browse to the pumpa folder in your /home directory and select the pumpa executable. for the icon go to pumpa/images/pumpa.png