Ubuntu roadmap to proprietary

2004 Pete predicts Ubuntu will eventually go proprietary. [Need to find the email on Wolves Lug Archives]

Jan. 26, 2010 Yahoo set as default search engine: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-desktop/2010-January/002396.html

Jan. 10, 2011 Pete predicts Ubuntu will produce it’s own Kernel: http://www.cannon-linux.co.uk/2011/01/2011-predictions/

Apr. 6, 2011 Ubuntu stops shipping free CD’s: http://www.geek.com/articles/news/canonical-stops-offering-free-ubuntu-cds-2011046/

Feb. 15, 2011 Ubuntu changes revenue code in Banshee: http://www.networkworld.com/community/node/71460

July. 30, 2012 Ubuntu drops the word Linux from it’s name: http://blog.projectz.me/2012/07/30/why-ubuntu-not-ubuntu-linux-will-be-the-future-of-next-gen-oss/

Sept. 23, 2012 Ubuntu adds Amazon adverts lens: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1182

Oct. 11, 2012 Ubuntu adds a “Donations” section to it’s download site: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2012/10/11/ubuntu_download_donations/

At the minute it just looks like every avenue is being explored to generate revenue and I wholeheartedly agree with that but clearly it’s not working or not enough is being raised? Maybe it’s time to draw a line in the sand and say “Stuff it, we may upset a lot of our users, we may piss off the community, but we’re going to have to start charging for it.”


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  1. Is not “Ubuntu changes revenue code” the same thing? Can you confirm, if it’s not I’ll add your item. Many thanks I should have said I was looking for additions to the list.

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