We are appalled that you don’t care!

The ongoing Turf War within +Arch Linux continues over systemd.

I read yet another “I AM LEAVING!” email on the arch-general mailing list this morning citing this article; http://archlinux.me/brain0/2012/09/10/yet-another-systemd-comment/ and the reason why the author of the email was leaving.

Now I want to be fair and say initially I thought the blog post was pretty good, it seemed to give some valid reasons and kind of explained to a non developer like myself the ins and outs of why it ‘might’ (depending on the side of the fence you sit?) be better to run with systemd.

I was just starting to warm to the author when I got to the final paragraph;

“You can yell all you want, yet Arch Linux will slowly move towards systemd. Initscripts will probably keep working for a long time, but they will eventually disappear. It doesn’t help if you insult us for it. It doesn’t help if you state a thousand times that you leave Arch over “the systemd issue”. We don’t care. You can either embrace systemd and enjoy all its advantages, provide an alternative or use another distribution. We don’t care. We make Arch for ourselves, and for the ones that like it like we do. Whether we have a million users or one hundred users – we will keep making it the distro we like. Deal with it.”

I love the bit where it says that insults etc don’t help. I agree, that doesn’t *help* but then the author smacks them in the face with “We don’t care. ” he then goes on, ever the Freedom loving diplomat, to say in a nutshell ” Do as we say or fook off! ” and yet again repeats ” We don’t care. ”

Then the true colours are revealed ” We make Arch for ourselves. ” what an arrogant statement? Firstly who is this “We”? Some sort of secret handshake society? I wonder if they all sit at a round table meditating past Arch users who’s ashes are ensconced in niches behind them?

And the final tragedy ” We don’t care about, or how many users we have. ” like that’s an argument winner isn’t it? I wonder if as a child you used to knock the game board off the table when you realised you was about to lose?