Mashup EP 3

This will be my second dip into ‘Mashup‘ and the third episode of Tim Dobson’s podcast. I still think the ‘Mashup’ section of the website is over fussy, personally I would turn off the modules on that page, given that the site is Drupal its easy enough and would make that section a lot cleaner and easier to digest. “Remember Less is More when it comes to websites”

Another niggle is that there is no Podcast feed just the sites RSS, I would think its crippling Tim’s exposure to potential listeners I did want to add him to my iTunes (Bite me) rather than keep manually downloading but it was not to be I’m sure others would add it to Gpodder ect maybe Tim could email RatholeRadio and ask Dan Lynch how to set it up. Given that Dan’s site/s are Drupal he is bound to know plus there is modules available on the Drupal website.

Breaking the rules of  ‘One piece of positive for every two pieces of negative‘ my third moan is the shows name, while it is descriptive of what Tim is doing I think its likely to get drowned out by the plethora of other mashups out there. I was listening to Linux Outlaws last week when Fab said “Has done a mashup” and I thought he was talking about Tim’s show when in fact it was some video footage, maybe it needs a name of its own how about Dobson’s Choice?

First up was a pretty good track Otra Dimensión by Atómica a Peruvian band billed as Rock, Punk and Powerpop it was a lively up tempo song with an Ooh-e-ooh chorus this definitely had me foot tapping. Next up was a Jazz funk track P-F-M by FOXAPET seemed a bit of strange choice of second track after the previous Rock offering, it wasn’t awful but a classic 1970’s feel to it which seemed out of place for me.

Tim’s next offering and third track of the show was Inertia by Josh Woodward an acoustic indie track that was built on telling us  “I don’t wanna be in” such and such a city and the reasons why, I liked this one a lot so added it to my Jamendo favorites. This week must be Interview Week for podcasts as Tim, obviously chuffed, announced the first of his interviews with the drummer Eoghan from The Fayre a band based in Manchester Tim seemed to handle it OK maybe he could have asked a few more questions but over all it seemed to go well he rounded off that segment with Rose Queen by The Fayre I’m not sure how to describe this one it was rockabilly’ish I thought with stops and starts and musical style changes, not really my cup of tea to be honest.

The second interview was with Barham the bassist from The Fayre I felt a little bit cheated as while its true he spoke to two different people it was just the one band so really could have been billed as a single interview. I don’t know if the two VOIP calls was made on separate occasions or the interviewees was in separate locations but I’m sure Tim would have been forgiven for an ‘artistic slight of hand’ if he had edited the two together and made one interview.

Moving on we had Graceland (crazy town) by darkmoon project billed on Jamendo as instrumental pop I would have said it was more rock than pop, the lead singer reminded me of ‘Fish’ from Marillion pretty good track that I enjoyed to be honest. We then had some stuff about the Digital Rights Bill that Peter Mandleson is promoting and I am getting sick of hearing about as it will go through anyway having already been approved by the house of Lords. We got back into the music with Only Idiots Assume by Liam Mullone and Hils Barker a punk group who have written a protest song to the Digital Rights Bill the performers it appears are in fact comedians rather than singers but I thought it was a really good song.

The final track was Overjoy Dub by PistONE an electro dub reggae instrumental track that had me foot tapping. Over all it was a pretty good episode and as you would expect it seems to be getting better, I’m not sure if Tim writes a script for the show or just does his commentary from the hip I would say a little work in this area needs to be done as he seemed to fall apart slightly towards the end having said that I do like some of the shows choices so I shall be listening again, who knows maybe from a proper podacst feed?

RatholeRadio EP 22

I joined the the IRC channel early this time around in fact I entered #ratholeradio at around 8:00pm. It seemed a good idea at the time given that the wife and daughters was torturing me with Dancing on Ice a program that is enough to make anyone jump of the nearest cliff, for me it was not a good idea to join early I was starting to get edgy waiting for things to happen I think I prefer to enter the channel about 10-15 minutes before kick off time. Dan then popped up like some ferret and started scurrying around in a bit of a two and eight about something?

All was revealed when iamnotlefthanded joined the IRC channel “Aha we are in for either another interview or a ‘Live Performance’ . The big lummox dropped his biscuits under the mixer desk but tried the pathetic fib of “I’m just sorting me cables out” some grunts and groans later and it seemed we was ready to go, we had the usual “You OK at your end?” and, suddenly the Skype connection dropped! You could feel the blood drain from poor Dan’s face as he prayed that his plans had not just blown up in his face, the gods must have been smiling either that or he stuck another 50p in the meter because Skype came back up.

So there I was waiting for the pre-show sound checking music and, erm, no Dan launched into the show! Now of course if you just listen to the podcast you aren’t going to know any difference to be honest but I was a little disappointed.

NastyVideo Nasty by The Night Terrors
We started off with an excellent sample of this song that appeared in a Young Ones episode bearing the same name and featuring one of my favourite 90’s comedians Alexei Sayle who stars as a South African vampire and driving instructor. A heavy guitar strumming song with a classic rock band feel and good vocals. Thumbs up on this one. Thumbs Up

Blue Nights In The City by Antonio Sacco
Next up was a chill out electrofunk mix with jazz saxophone overtone, the track has this what I’d call Moog Synthesizer pulse tone moving from left to right and alternating back again. All of a sudden Jethro Tull popped up and started playing the flute! OK it wasn’t actually the hairy hippie from the 70’s but it might as well have been. If it had not had the electric pulse and the sort of jazz funk drum beat I would have mistaken it for a Jazz track and donned my dark glasses, beret while shoving a Gauloises cigarette in my mouth. This one gets a “meh” Thumbs UpThumbs Down

Old School Interlude by Emcee Lynx
I’m afraid it was at this point I started to cry and there is nothing worse than seeing a grown man cry. Repeatedly stabbing myself in the upper thigh with the now famous Bic biro I pleaded to no avil for Dan to stop playing this Rap song its not that I don’t understand it or I’m too old I just dislike [most of] this rap stuff, having said that this track did have one redeeming feature in my opinion, it was only one minute fifteen seconds long! This one gets a thumbs down. Thumbs Down

New logo – Thanks Scott
Then comes Dan’s next little “Trick or treat” RatholeRadio now has a new logo “So what you moaning about baldy?” Nothing as such I really like it only problem was I had only the other day downloaded the old one totally disregarded any copyright / ownership license, resized it added a border, uploaded it to this site then created my own widget to display it in the feed I’m advertising for the show, cheers Dan. Actually it was not a real problem after some manipulation I just needed to slightly change the image name in the HTML This one gets a thumbs up. Thumbs Up

Endline (Choose Nothing) by I Am Not Lefthanded
So we start off what will be the live portion of the show, a nice piano solo start with just the lead female singer which builds to a rhythmic indie drum beat type of track. The song in itself is pretty nice with as I say good drum beat and guitar background. I would put this one in the ‘easy listening’ category nothing really  jumped out and bit me I’m afraid the main vocalist has a very strong ‘folk singer’ to her voice so maybe that’s what I’m not getting with this group? This one gets a “meh”   Thumbs UpThumbs Down

Interview with I Am Not Lefthanded
Billed as a chat about  life, the Internet, keeping drummers quiet, slicing up pies and rhinos Dan kicked off the interview portion of this segment. Unfortunately only Daniel and Kathryn was present as the drummer Benji was out signing a solo contact with Sony, na only kidding. Kathryn and Daniel come across as down to earth nice people who obviously have a passion for what they do, they talked about their former drummer who must of been ‘Moon the the loon‘ or something not in his playing skills but his personality.

Kathryn gave us a touching explanation of the Rhino that can be seen in most of their album covers apparently it was willed to her by her Grandmother, one day a flatmate, who sounds just like the sort of person you really want as a friend, sold it to a pawn shop! obviously devastated at losing this keepsake Kathryn was forced to sell her guitar to get the Rhino back. Given that this was one of her ‘tools of the trade’ it shows the level of meaning she attaches to the Rhino.

A final nice touch the pair gave us was “We have to go now we’ve a chicken in the oven” you’re just so rock ‘n’ roll you two. This one gets a thumbs up. Thumbs Up

LIVE TRACK Driving At Night by I Am Not Lefthanded
Brand new song and an exclusive live performance!!!

Given that the drummer was not available I’m not sure how different the finished product actually sounds like, the track starts off with a classic rock guitar chord strum with Daniel and Kathryn giving a good strong vocal harmonious rendition. I personally could still detect a folky lilt to Kathryn’s voice on this one but over all it was a reasonable track for me. Normally I would have given it a “meh” but as it was live and I think I only detected one fluffed note I’ll give it. This one gets a thumbs up. Thumbs Up

The Place That Won’t Take Me Back by I Am Not Lefthanded
To finish the section with I am not Lefthanded Dan played us and the group out with this very good track. Very strong drums and guitar in the indie vein the harmony between Kathryn and Daniel was well coordinated gone was the ‘folk singer’ tag I had given Kathryn earlier singing in a style that suited this song and I would even go so far as to say I could picture them blasting this out at Glastonbury maybe not on the pyramid stage but you never know. This one gets a thumbs up.  Thumbs Up

I Love Penguins (electro mix) by Partition 36
So this is where Dan professed his love for Penguins which was a scary moment until he explained the Linux and Pingu connection. As Dan said Paul Hardcastle’s nnnnn 19 sprung to mind, again we are back in the world of rap so I suppose of course I’m bound to dislike it? Now you would have thought I would have cut it some slack seeing as the track was all about Linux and open source software trouble is I’ve yet to hear a so called Linux song that’s any good. Thumbs down on this one. Thumbs Down

Dan Pimped the gig, Friday April 30th, Bad Format Social Club, Liverpool. Buy tickets in advance from

Crunk Shit by Emcee Lynx
Not satisfied with “Beatin ma backside” to death with earlier rap songs Dan decided to add insult to injury and close the show with? Yep another Rap song arrrrrrggghh! Whats this rappers delight night? OK while I hated the rap to be honest I did like the music! Of course it was a typical snare drum cymbal tapping beat but reasonably acceptable I also liked the synth background scream with what sounded like a steel guitar playing a harmony. So dear reader are we ready? Hold on to your knickers, this one gets a thumbs up. Thumbs Up

With 6 thumbs up Thumbs Up 2 thumbs down Thumbs Down and 2 “meh” Thumbs UpThumbs Down it would seem we had another good show. I am trying to make the show bad folks, honest but Dan seems to have the upper hand for the minute but there is always EP 23 Mwahahaha.