Rat Hole Radio

Last night I gatecrashed the RatholeRadio podcast this is created by The Hubcap King of Liverpool Mr. Dan Lynch esq. I’m not a big fan of free music although I am totally in favour of the concept of free music, a heck of a lot of the free music I’ve heard on Jamendo has been pretty awful in my opinion, Jamendo is a sort of YouTube for music so you’ll get everything from the budding professional to the scary guy recording his cat taking a dump!

What’s on TV?

I came home last night to moans that the TV was broken, given that these days most of them are software based I guessed correctly that it had got itself into a tissy fit.
So what’s that got to do with anything and the price of fish I hear you ask. The point was my wife who up until Christmas hated computers a bit like some people hate Marmite was sat watching TV on her HP 110 that father Christmas had given her.