MODx, Friendly or what?

I have a project it mind that will require a website, while I’m a big fan of Joomla I thought maybe I should use something different and looked at Drupal when someone on twitter (or one of the microblogging sites) suggested I look at MODx.

Now I’d not heard of MODx and seeing as I’m always open to new ideas thought I would take a look. I have to say it looks very good, professional and feels solid. I installed it on a Web Server I have access to which unfortunately is Windows based but that shouldn’t be a problem.

Everything went pretty smoothly and I logged into the Admin area to have a mooch around, this was when I realised that it was nothing like the Joomla I had come to know and love, now I might not use the correct technical terms here so you’ll have to forgive me, it soon dawned on me that I would need fairly advanced coding skills to get MODx to work there does not appear to be any simple “Click here to move/modify the menu” or an idiots way to move anything around. Now I’m not saying that’s a bad thing its probably the right way to do websites but I just don’t have the skill set.

This is where it gets interesting, I posted from Gwibber something along the lines of “I like MODx but it seems a bit advanced for me” which initially produced some positive feedback along the lines of “Join the Forum mush”, “I’ll help you” etc. Which is what Community should be about. Then suddenly it all turned sour when I mentioned Joomla “….Joomla’s unorganized ball of yarn”. Like a fool I tried to defend Joomla which produced further Hate Mail I was going to perpetuate the discussion but decided that discretion was the better part of valor as far as Micro Blogging is concerned and write something here instead (Nobody reads this site other than me anyway).

So while being told Joomla was the spawn of the devil and that I should be burnt at the stake for daring to even look at MODx and bearing in mind I had not said one thing derogatory about MODx I will now vent my spleen.

I have only edited the front page using the built in wysiwig editor other than that I have touched NOTHING!

  1. All the menu links are broken apart from ‘Home’ click on anything and “No such page”
  2. The ‘Preview’ from with Admin doe’s work
  3. If I click on the XHTML validator I have 1 error which the site itself created, is the editor broken?
  4. Click on the CSS Validator and I get 11 errors I’ve not touched anything relating to CSS

I have blacked out some of the URL details so as not to reveal the project I’m planning and for no other reason, the site is still live.

So for the minute I don’t feel like learning how to use the the thing given that I have been given the feeling by people that mere mortals are not welcome especially those that use Joomla.

Hooray for Marketing

The Twitter explosion that has currently hit the InterWeb seems to be the darling of just about everyone. The Daily Telegraph ran a full page article on Saturday extolling the avalanche success of this Micro Blogging craze.

Recently I started to get one or two strange followers not in a weird sense more of a “Why would they want to follow me?” This morning I received a notification that ‘Digital 8 Track’ and ‘Birmingham Live!’ was following me! While I like music and do go to the odd concert (Even at my age) it dawned on me that all these followers are in fact a subtle form of marketing or as some would say Spam! If like me you try to be Mr. Nice guy and have your account (, or whatever) set to reciprocal link then you’re going to be hammered to hell and back.

As an example brumtwestival has been spamming the guts out of my Gwibber. Now of course I can remove my subscription to all these add-y followers but it’s a bit of a pain. Interestingly, for me, this Twittering medium is a free Mailing List for Marketeers, got a product or service to sell? Get a Twitter, account and start pushing your stuff on to poor unsuspecting users, someone’s bound to take you up on your offer!