Sabayon Nights

sabayonSome of the people on irc #linuxoutlaws use Sabayon Linux which is based on Gentoo. I’m more into rolling distro’s these days such as Archlinux but thought I would give it a go seeing as I’m getting ready for the release of openSUSE 11.1 and want to switch hard drives anyway so now is a pretty good time for playing around.

It is billed as a pretty fast distro and seeing as the machine is a Core Duo with 2GB of memory I was expecting a little better than the 50 odd minutes it took to install. As per usual my VideoSeven 19 inch TFT was not recognised properly but I’ve grown used to that all I have to do is reset the refresh rate to 60Htz and I’m good to go. For me the installation gave me the XFCE desktop (Maybe I chose it?) which was handy as that’s what I’m tending to use these days, first port of call was to run a system update, now this was interesting I clicked on the Spritz GUI manager which reported that there was no updates to be had?

Now as I’m a little wiser than a freshman I knew this was wrong but couldn’t see any sort of ‘refresh’ button or option so I opened a terminal and ran Equo from command line which presented me with a message saying that the databases had not been downloaded yet which in laymen’s terms means “Would you like to refresh the package list?” after a few minutes once the download had completed I returned to Spritz which now said there was 161 updates, cool.

Or was it? So far every update I attempt works for about 6 or 7 entries then Spritz hangs I dropped back to the terminal and Equo which actually is heaps of fun. I had a quick scan through the ‘man’ page but I must have misread it as my inputs produced a message;

root@sabayon~ “Have you read the man page?”

I tried again and the message was something like..

root@sabayon~ “You really should read the man page?”

Now I was hooked so typed it again..

root@sabayon~ “I give up. Read the man page?”

I laughed till I nearly fell off the chair, see not all developers/code writers are miserable scrotes some do have a sense of humour.

Install Fest

Wolves-Lug will be holding a qausi Install Fest 05/11/2008 – 7:30pm at

Lincoln House Community Room
Tremont Sreet
WV10 0JB

toasterThe idea is to bring along all your pain in the bum kit that you’d like to get Linux running on, there is a wide range of clever members there so I’m thinking of taking this along.