The party’s over for LugRadio Live arrived at the unofficial breakfast and hooked up with Barbie and some of his fellow Perl mingers (Mongers) where we had a quick chat over an 8 item English (Fry up) breakfast after which we walked down the sunny streets of Wolverhampton (We’ll actually a little chilly with a hint of rain to be honest) to take our place in the orderly queue forming outside the venue.

After paying our £5.00 entrance fee and grabbing a goodie bag each we headed off to the various stalls to see what other swag was available. This might sound a little mercenary but four years of this event has taught me that computer geeks are like locusts they’ll clean out a vendors carrier bags quicker than a piranha gnawing on a tasty leg.

Having retired to a quiet corner to asses our punitive strike on the unsuspecting stall owners we took our seats clutching our ill gotten gains and waited for the four drink sodden presenters to take the stage.

I have to say that the attendance seemed down on last year which surprised me given as this is possibly the last ever LugRadio Live but maybe more attended on the Sunday which I didn’t go to but for example I was expecting long waits to go on the Bytemark game rig but to be honest there was plenty of seats available (although I understand there was a bigger take up in the afternoon).

Some of the talks was not really “Up my street” although I thought Bruno’s talk “Baguette on Snails” was hysterical. I also enjoyed Neuro’s “Second Life and Open Source” and of course Gong-a-Thon.

I shall miss the event now that supposedly there will be no more unless the guys relent and put something on next year, the finality only hit me when I heard my wife on the phone to her sister just before my daughter and I left for the event “Oh he’s off out all day to a Linux show, he goes every year” I realised that I’d have to find something else to do on July 19th 2009.

So another chapter closes in the Linux annual calendar, LugRadio Live UK 2008 is over and possibly forever.

Wolves-Lug & LugRadio Live

This week is just so exciting on our side of the pond. I spent last night at the Wolves-Lug meeting the birth place of LugRadio. What a brilliant night, I met up with many of my friends some of whom I’d not seen in over a year.

Anyway Big Ron was there, Chris Proctor of LugRadio and Network block devices fame, and also Alex Willmer who it turns out is in fact a government spook. As usual we discussed a couple of distro’s while Ron was beavoring away on his laptop working out schedules for LugRadio Live UK which is now just a day and a bit away. We all tried to get Chris to divulge who was doing Gong-a-Thon this year but with little success Chris giving the totally unbelievable excuse “I dunno, they wont tell me“.

Now I reckon its Aq yes you heard me, I know its a scary thought but just think about it, what an ending to LugRadio. Ron said that the main hotel Britannia was now fully booked hopefully with LrL attendees rather than some sort of hub cap collectors convention. I’m getting really excited I’ll be at the unofficial LugRadio Live breakfast meet at (08:45-09:00 ish) Top Nosh 5 Hampton Walk,Queen Square, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, WV1 1TQ.

Then we’ll all stumble round to the venue full of lovely Fried bread, sausage, egg and beans washed down with mugs of tea. Its gonna be brilliant!