Sound, advice

A few months ago I introduced someone to ArchLinux on the #linuxoutlaws channel they arean avid fan of XFCE alongwith Fab, one of the Linuxoutlaws presenters, so I thought I’d have a go at doing a fresh install of Arch withXFCE on a spare 60GB HDD I had gathering dust in a box.

I’m fairly confident with this distribution these days so everythingwent pretty smooth except for sound. Ihad a speaker icon in the panel, I turned the volume right up, I checked thatit was not muted but still no sound?

volumeNext I did lspci yep it sees my card lsmod yep it’s loadedthe modules what’s wrong? Sound works on my Laptop! Everything I’ve everinstalled has worked openSUSE,Fedora, Linux Mint, Ubuntu and ArchLinux. While it wassat on my desk merrily doing nothing I noticed the little wheel on the front ofmy Toshiba Tecra M2 spun that up to full then tried a sound file again, heypresto the “Borealis” sound theme burst into life.

The moral is: Don’t dive into a terminal every time you think you have a problem.

The boys are back in town

If you’re 157 years old like me you’ll remember Thin Lizzy and their song “The boys are back in town” while beating the living day lights out of my website today I got my feed working again the proof of which is that it is now showing up again on Planet SUSE.

Suddenly the one seized remaining brain cell I posses sparked into life and Phil Lynott’s song rippled across my forehead dragging me back to the days of the Polethorn Estate’s Tuesday night disco with flared trousers, tank tops and some platform shoes happy days.