I had a
problem with the control panel of my hosting account, nothing life threatening one
of the features, Fantastico
, was broken it’s a simple GUI script to install features within your
hosting plan for example I installed Mambo originally via Fantastico as time moved on and some of the former members of Mambo
started Joomla I used Fantastico to
convert the original Mambo site to Joomla.

The support
people at my hosting provider have always been excellent in my opinion and I
raised a support ticket just before 11:00am as you can see they resolved my
problem quickly and in a friendly manner, I always have couple of lines of what
can be termed ‘chit-chat’ with them.

11:03am (Ticket
receipt confirmation)

(Request for access)

11:51am (Solved)

12:02am (Explanation of what had happened)

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