Everyone is famous

Everyone is famous or more commonly known as “Everyone has 15 minutes of fame”!

I was reading a blog that came through on one of the ‘Planet’ feeds that I’m subscribed too. The author was bemoaning the fact that most of the blogs they read are self promoting and have no posts regarding personal problems I presume something along the lines of “I’m about to be carted off to prison for worrying small furry animals“.

The thing is that’s what blogs are for, self promoting I mean, why else would you in effect stand on Speakers Corner and blurt out all your personal stuff…..

That to be honest most of us don’t give a toss about? Anyway it got me to thinking about my own potential fame and came up with the following list;

  1. I appeared in
    for Ralph McTell’s
    Streets of London we all pranced round the school playground in a sort
    of spiral effect. I doubt you could pick me out but I was there so I suppose
    it counts.

  2. I’ve made a record I cant
    remember the title but I do still remember the words (Some of them at any
    rate) it was a Christmas song that was never released 10 of us was whisked
    up to a recording studio in London where we spent the day singing this
    bloody song over and over again. A French kid in my class had a dad in the
    record industry and asked us if we’d like to make a record? Well who

  3. I’ve mingled with the stars I’ve met a fair few over the years my father worked for a company that owned
    (Or had some sort of relationship) with a pop group called
    Dollar I know a guy from
    Dexy’s Midnight Runners I spent the day with
    Sir Jimmy Savile (I have the photo’s somewhere) the list is monotonous.

I have a dim memory of being interviewed in
a newspaper for something or other (Probably that bank job last summer) but I
think my fondest memories are People everyday we touch peoples lives
none more so than in our work. I remember a couple of years ago making a sales
call to a company I had not dealt with for over 15 years. I asked for my old
contact and was surprised to find they still worked there..

Me: “Hi xxxx not sure if you remember
me but we used to do business a few years ago”?

xxxx: “Sure I remember you how are

as you can see, technically I’m famous what about you?

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