This dropped in one of my feeds this morning I just had to reproduce it.

PlexyDesk project was started 7 days ago by a group of Indian and Sri Lankan developers.
“PlexyDesk will render your workspace and help organize all your information with a touch,
yes you heard us right,
Plexy will support
multi touch screens
. Plexy might not be the new Desktop Environment you
came looking for, but it will be the Ultimate Desktop Experience you never
expected to get.”

PlexyDesk will run on KDE3/4 or GNOME, with or without compiz.
Head to the project home page to see the
videos of it in action and join in the development.
I’ve posted this for three reasons.

    1. I like desktop bling even if
    there is no productive value.
    2. Seeing as its ‘Touch Screen’ it would be cool on my
    3. I love the bottom line of their “WeNeedYou
    all projects should have that line I reckon.

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