FacebookI’ve had a Facebook account for some time now, I was sent an invitation by a friend of mine. This is one of those ‘Social Network’ websites that you can join and get your mates to join and then, well, that’s the thing, do what exactly?

Don’t misunderstand me I know what to do with the account its just I keep asking myself “Why?” every time I log in. True, very slowly, some of my friends and acquaintances are adding  themselves or are being added to the group but where’s the interaction? Some individuals have uploaded pictures and typed a brief bio of themselves but that’s about it!

notebrickMost of us communicate with each other via email, chat relay, phone or a note wrapped around a brick so I don’t really need facebook. I’ve had the ubiquitous ‘Friends and Family account, what a complete waste of time that was four people contacted me from the list of names I could remember one I had no wish to communicate with and the other three lost interest after a month or so.

YouTube has a use I suppose but I don’t seem to have any ‘Happy Slapping’ videos on my phone at the moment and I think I’m a bit old for MySpace. I get the feeling facebook just wants to join the growing list of on-line community’s which will ultimately end up being sold to google or something so that they can then sell the members details to marketing men.

Facebook is OK I suppose but the one thing that worries me is people are putting their photo, place of work or where they will be on a given night. This strikes me as a pretty dicey thing to do.

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