While sucking up to people on IRC as usual, one of the guys mentioned he used ArchLinuxOoh what’s that then?” I said. Its billed as a fast, lightweight, distribution although its apparently not for the faint hearted. I had a quick read through the wiki where I came across this one gem of advice which to some people would have been less than helpful but I found hilarious.

Q) When I run “pacman –sync” it comes up with “could
not open sync database:reponame have you used –refresh yet?” but when I
run pacman –refresh it does nothing?!

A) This error is due to your inability to read man pages. We
recommend you try the pacman man page – it really is very useful.

I always have to restrain myself from installing Linux distributions while I may moan about one or two in actual fact I love them all. It must be a geek thing I’m always excited when it comes to installing new stuff and cant wait for that very first re-boot and your shiny new system bursts on the screen.

my-laptopthumbI downloaded the iso and installed it on my Dell Latitude Laptop, in my case the installation was not smooth, I had some problems partitioning the hard drive but that may have been my fault rather than ArchLinux’s however after doing the usual install stuff my system duly re-booted with a perfect GUI desktop.

Ok I’m fibbing slightly, sound was not working but that was a simple fix just added my user name to the group “audio”, the the language was US rather than GB but other than that (I think) everything else was fine. I jumped back on IRC where the swine that got me hooked (You know who you are) gave me some hand holding help to get the language changed to GB install one or two important items that don’t get installed by default and also gave me a really cool login theme.

I’ve only had it for about three days so not had much chance to really get to grips with it I may write one of my famous guides ArchLinux Install

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