The ‘Chin’ Seduced me

I was lucky enough to get to the Wolves-LUG meeting last week the usual crew was in attendance with one or two new faces I’d not seen before. As usual I was stuck up one end of the table but still had some very good conversations regarding Windows and Linux in respect of usability.

At the end of the evening I had one of the longest chats I’ve ever had with the ‘Chin’ AKA Jono Bacon its a shame I don’t get to speak with him face to face more often.

During our ching-wag Jono mentioned that Ubuntu Dapper was really slick and that I should really give it a try.I spent this morning installing Breezy under VMWare then followed some instructions I found for ‘dist-upgrade’ on the web and upgraded, it was very easy and only took about 2 hours.

vmware logo I then found some cool instruction on installing vmware-tools. My version is Windows based so I then rebooted into SuSE (I have VMPlayer installed there) copied over the virtual machine to my SuSE /home directory and fired up Ubuntu-Dapper.

Every time I look at Ubuntu I like it more and more its hard to explain but it just looks and feels rock solid every time my belovid Fedora starts I get this unexplained feeling something is on the verge of crashing (It dose’nt by the way) Ubuntu just, well, starts! I really like the Bongo drums when it gets to the log-in screen and the desktop startup music is pretty slick.

Its probably good that I don’t have a spare machine to load it properly on (Sorry VM Embarassed) as it could end up being my main system. Hats off to the Ubuntu guys it is a good distro just stop screaming Uuuuubbbbbuuuunnnnttttttttuuuu down the phone it makes me cringe.

iFolder Bug?

IfolderMy SuSE client at home now connects to the iFolder-Server but apparently I’ve found a bug? While I can see the list of folders available I cant download or upload them Eric Ward at Novell suggested I submit a Bug Report, after running around my office clutching my bald head and mopping my sweaty palms I duly submitted my very first bug report. I’m bound to have done it all wrong which will loose me brownie points.

On a brighter note I have now written the HowTo for installing the iFolder-Client on Fedora Core 5 and submitted it to maybe tonight or at the weekend I’ll do one for SuSE. There has also been some changes as well regarding mailing lists, there is now one more suited to likes on myself you can sign up here I did some housekeeping on the folders, created some new sub directories, moved the files into relevant folders I also did some screen shots saved them to the ‘shared-documents’ and all the changes updated all the clients. Internally I’m probably ready to deploy this as a working solution for my telesales team and one or two others within the building I’ve already pencilled in some specific uses I can see iFolders being of great benefit for me and other organisations.