I stumbled on this project a few weeks ago, as I understand it the idea is to go back to the grass roots of Linux and bring old kit back to life. This is something very dear to me one of my main interests is resurrecting old kit. Most of the current releases are too powerful for anything under a PII CPU and even then they struggle.

The Ubuntu-Lite site/project is suffering from a slight case of Schizophrenic activity. Most people would go to www.ubuntulite.org the site looks pretty good and has some posts already yet there is also activity on http://groups.google.com.au/group/ubuntu_lite unfortunately some of the posts on the .org site are flames, hopefully the detractors will be proved wrong.

You can download the iso from here: http://ftp.cse.yzu.edu.tw/Linux/Ubuntu/ubuntulite (I have) as for the VMPlayer version talked about I can’t find it either on the site or the web. I think the project is in its infancy and unlike some releases things are not fully in place yet. So, I want to get Ubuntu-Lite running on my Digital HiNote Ultra II the problem with this Laptop is, in effect, there is no CDROM, USB or internal Network card. I did a bit of scouting around on the Ubuntu site and found some install floppies http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=75372 after creating the 5 floppies (which was fun, in a good way) I booted off them, everything was going wonderfully till it got to setting up the network when it was stuck in limbo I think there is no module for Card Services on the floppies so PCMCIA is not started, which is problem #1 then of course there’s the problem of network drivers, problem #2. I have network drivers on a floppy (Debian flavour) but of course without an installed system there’s no way to get them loaded.

I had to fall back on the simple nasty way, I stuck the hard drive in another laptop loaded Ubuntu-Lite from the CD, interestingly X-Server failed on that too but I’ll come back to that. Took the hard drive out put it back in the Digital HiNote, gritted my teeth and pressed the ‘on’ button. It moaned a bit but started fine however I’m still stuck in text mode land for the minute. It seems to be working OK so now I need to put some time in getting things working. Having looked at Ubuntu and realising what very good release it is I figured Ubuntu-Lite should be good as well for my Digital HiNote Ultra II. The picture on the left is of that machine with Ubuntu-Lite on it, I know it’s a rubbish picture but it was the best I could do, as a side note its running Kernel 2.6.10-5386


I have been wanting to get iFolders installed for some time now this is a solution for folder sharing both internally and externally by Novell. My problem has been that I wanted to test the remote connectivity as well as the local capabilities so I needed a Web Server to test it on.I have access, and control, of a CentOS Web Server but up until a few days ago there wasn’t any specific rpm’s for that distribution.

I followed the yum.repo instructions and installed via yum, unfortunately its predominately Windows machines at work so I installed the Windows Clients on a couple of machines and within minutes it was up and working. I’m having one or two problems getting the client loaded on my SuSE box at home but once a client is installed there I shall be testing the remote connection. I have it set to sync every 5 minutes at the moment I dropped a rather large collection of folders with images in to one of the iFolder shares and it. immediately detected it, uploaded, then distributed the share to the other client.

Pretty slick, when I’ve had a bit more play with it I’ll up date this subject further.